Mend America – where are the patches going

Reflecting on last weeks bomb packages sent to top Democrats, I found myself wondering if the Mend America packages are not making it through the screenings.  The department of Homeland Security has the following screening processes: 

While it’s important to keep Mending America, it might be worth while to work on a local level to be sure our efforts are considered.

And follow up with an email and phone call, and use the process as an opportunity to consider your stand, and make a clear directive, rant or t hank you.

Frau Fiber


Mend America with Bernie

Before you go hear Bernie Sanders speak at IU,  drop in and join Frau Fiber and IU students  in Mend America Official Communications from the people.


Hosted by  IU School of Art, Architecture + Design and Monroe County Public Library (Indiana)

10 am – 12 pm
Friday Oct 19, 2018
@ Dunn Meadow

7th Street and North Indiana Ave,
Bloomington Indiana

In this Mend America Official Communications provides participants with a space to stitch the and while stitching formulate a critique, thank you, directive, or rant to be sent to the official of their choice. Participants receive a tech pack, an unstitched patch, a note card, and an envelope.


Migrant Children Encampments

In response to the national encampments for migrant children, Mend America sent the following communication:

Lynn Johnson
Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families
US Department of Health & Human Services
200 Independence Ave SW
Washington DC 20201

Toll Free call center 1 877 696 6775


Dear Ms. Johnson, I implore you to help to Mend America by ceasing the internment of immigrant children who are seeking asylum from abuse, gangs and violence. The tent encampments like Tornillo Land Port of Entry and, “100 % Prosecution” is unconstitutional and is not going deter illegal immigration.


Official Communication to MVM

MVM, Inc is a private company that is contracted by the ICE to house and transport people coming over the border with out papers.  MVM employees have taken migrant children away form their parents housed them in vacant building . After hearing the story on NPR Mend America was prompted to write the president of MVM with the following directive:

Dear Mr. Marquez, as a citizen of the United States I ask you to stop taking contracts from ICE which separate asylum seeking children from their parents.  I ask you consider families above profits.




Mend America invites you to join this campagne.

Mend Our World

On Sept 14 – 16, Faux Frau’s  engaged Next Library participants and members of the public to activate the workspace of the library by contributing to a Mend this World banner and creating embroidered patches as a local Call to Action. Mend America and the Sewing Rebellion (SR) are  ongoing movements hosted in cities throughout the US that brings people together, educates on the high cost of fast fashion, and activates spaces through sewing and community projects. SR creates a safe space for all people to come together, share resources, talk about current and local issues, and promote social change. In the interactive session we will address: the library as a safe center for democracy and civic activism; how to develop library-art partnerships to strengthen community and break down barriers to entry; how to create environmentally sustainable programs through social innovation.

Faux Frau Janet Hollingsworth, Creative Technologist, BLDG 61: Boulder Public Library,  USA

Faux Frau Steven Frost, Associate Professor of Art & Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Special Assistant Zack Weaver, Creative Technologist, BLDG 61: Boulder Public Library,  USA



Faux Frau Steven













Faux Frau Janet

Mend America: Skylight Edition

Sunday Sept. 15, 2-5 pm @ Skylight bookstore   Los Angelenos gathered to officially communicate with Mayor Garcetti about his executive directives.

Mend America Tech Pack LA


Participants Lorraine and SA completed communications:




S.A. shared a poem he wrote,
The Pledge of a Grievance  
I pledge a grievance
to the flag
of the United States of Reality Show
and to the profit margin
for which it stands
on one knee
under siege
invisible and divided
with no civil liberty
or justice
we fall

Mend America – CSU

With tuition hikes looming, Mend America sent this letter to the Trustee’s of the CSU’s. 

Mend America by committing to low cost higher education for California.  Don’t put the burden on students who struggle with food and housing insecurities. Imagine innovative and creative solutions to close the income inequality gap, while providing more full-time faculty, and the best education for California.

We await the boards response.



One Year Anniversary

This past year Mend America has hosted seven events on college campus, three grass roots events in regional spaces, and we continue to persist and resist.  Take up your needle, thread, and pen and a let your critiques, rants, thank you’s and directives be heard!

To host your own Mend America event, email for a Communications kit, gather with friends, family, co-workers and strangers and come together to write a specific topic of interest, there are so many to address!

In solidarity

Frau Fiber